About EC-GEN

Why We Are Here

You know what most every NBCT asks right after he/she certifies? WHAT NEXT? Those who have read that word “Congratulations!” know that it is not the end of the process. It is only the beginning. I built this website hoping it would be the “What next?” – the beginning – for all EC-GENers – candidates and NBCTs alike. Since launching the site, we have expanded it to include MC-GENers and those pursuing EC/MC Literacy certification as well. We are all on the same journey. Here we share the path.

This website is independently owned and operated. It is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Participants heed the guidance of the NBPTS standards, assessment directions, ethics policies, etc. However, we are a completely separate entity.

Our Roots

In November, 1998, as a candidate in need of help myself, I started the “Yahoo! Groups” EC-GEN candidate support group ([email protected]). During the next 11 years that group grew to over 6,600 members. The candidate support provided there was THE best available online. The ethical standards of the National Board were strictly adhered to; the NBCTs who contributed their expertise worked tirelessly on behalf of our candidates and gave “right-on” support. Not all candidate needs were being met. Problems included difficulty following threads of messages (they were all lumped together), there was no chat room on site, and the chat room graciously donated to us off-site was difficult for many to access. Files, while full of great things, had grown to be cumbersome, redundant, unorganized, and full of fluff. Finding anything in them was tedious at best. As the years went by a growing frustration to me was the fact that few needs of our National Board Certified Teachers were met on that site. The site was not a resource for accomplished teaching; it was truly *only* a candidate support.


This website has been built to equally support those pursuing and those who have already achieved National Board Certification. Those ‘bests’ of the old site will be found here (strict support of the ethics of the National Board; strong, superior NBCT candidate support). But ecgen.org will also put forth an equal effort to support those who have already certified.

I hope ecgen.org will be our virtual school – candidates and NBCTs together – Early Childhood Generalists, Middle Childhood Generalist, and Early/Middle Childhood Literacy folks – our place to share the ongoing journey of accomplished teaching.

Come join the collaboration! Welcome!

Kelly Mueller, NBCT

ECGEN.COM has been created by Kelly Mueller. Kelly is a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Early Childhood/Generalist (EC-GEN – Renewed).